Terms & Conditions of Membership

1. The Applicant will pay the Cooperative any required deposit to be held by the Cooperative for the recovery of any delinquency in Applicant’s account for electric energy or service. The deposit may be returned to the Applicant in accordance with the Cooperative’s rules and regulations as may be adopted from time to time by the CooperativeAn additional deposit based upon two times the highest bill in the previous 12-month period will be required if delinquent payments to the Cooperative result in an unsatisfactory credit history.

2. The Applicant will, when the electric energy is made available by the Cooperative, purchase electric energy for use on the premises described above and will pay therefore monthly at the rate to be determined from time to time in accordance with the By-laws of the Cooperative.

3. The Applicant consents that the Cooperative by its agent, servant, employee, or representative shall at all times have the right to ingress or egress to and from the premises described on the membership application for the purpose of reading, installation, removal or repair of any meter on said premises and for such other purposes as shall be necessary or incident to the operation and maintenance of the electric service herein applied for.  The Applicant acknowledges a “no access” fee may be charged if a locked location requires Cooperative personnel to make an additional trip to a location to access Cooperative equipment. The Applicant also understands that the Cooperative has the ability to remotely disconnect and connect meters at any time.

4. The Applicant will comply with and be bound by the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws of the Cooperative, and such rules, regulations and policies as may from time to time be adopted by the Cooperative.

5. The Applicant agrees that properly chargeable installation, repairs, maintenance and energy shall be collectively and separately considered part of the energy and service charges to be paid monthly as the same shall accrue and that the failure or refusal to pay them or any part of them when due shall subject the Applicant to the rules and regulations of the Cooperative relating to the discontinuance of service. The applicant hereby agrees to pay all costs of collection of such charges, including attorney fees.

6. The Applicant understands and agrees that acceptance of this application by the Cooperative constitutes an enforceable agreement between the Applicant and the Cooperative and hereby acknowledges receipt of a copy of the Cooperative’s By-laws and a copy of this application which, when accepted by the Cooperative constitutes the Applicant’s Certificate of Membership in the Cooperative.

7. The Applicant acknowledges that $4.31 plus the actual cost of postage is the annual cost of providing 12 issues of Florida Currents.

8. The Florida Department of Health, in coordination with its county health departments and each local emergency management agency in the state, developed a registry for persons with special needs to register with their local emergency management agency to receive assistance during a disaster. The statewide registry provides first responders with valuable information to prepare for disasters or other emergencies. The Florida Special Needs Registry can be completed at https://snr.flhealthresponse.com/ or by contacting your local emergency management agency. The Applicant acknowledges receipt of this notification.