Tree Trimming & Vegetation


Here in Florida’s Heartland, we cherish our pastoral landscapes and abundance of trees. However, trees and power lines are not a good combination for the successful delivery of reliable power to you, which is our top priority.

To help us deliver reliable power, we use a systematic right-of-way plan to maintain our 2,619 miles of power lines. With our nearly year-round growing season, staying on top of tree maintenance is a constant project.

Here are a few ways we go about ensuring your quality power supply, through right-of-way-maintenance:

  • GEC, with the help of our tree-trimming contractor Davey, is working to maintain a three-year cycle for trimming trees and vegetation along all our lines.
  • Davey uses a directional pruning method, removing only branches that grow toward utility lines. Keeping branches growing down or away from wires directs future growth that way and reduces regrowth toward lines.
  • We are moving through our territory by substation, prioritizing areas where vegetation is likely to have the greatest negative impact on power lines.
  • Only trees in the direct path of the power line are trimmed by Davey. It is each member’s responsibility to have other trees on their property trimmed.
  • We encourage members to maintain their trees BEFORE they interfere with power lines and equipment. Don’t trim any vegetation growing on or near overhead power lines. Only specially trained line-clearing professionals should work around power lines. Be sure to locate a licensed and insured contractor to trim your trees.

To deliver the best service to members, we appreciate you making sure crews have access to power lines that run through gated portions of your property. Please be sure your gate has a Glades Electric lock or that you have provided your gate access code to GEC to keep on file.