Outage Center

Live Outage Map

Live outage map of Glades Electric Coop service area
View a live outage map here.

Report an outage via SmartHub

SmartHub is the fastest way to report your outage.  The automated system generates an outage ticket which is received by system operations immediately. For outage reporting, live outage maps, daily electricity use and more at your finger tips, download the SmartHub app.

Outages can also be reported by calling (863) 946-6200.

For additional outage information following a major storm event, go to our Facebook page. (A Facebook account is not required to view our Facebook page.)

Having trouble logging into SmartHub?  Call 863-946-6200 during business hours for assistance.

Never go near a damaged power line that has fallen to the ground or is dangling in the air. Always assume downed electric lines are energized and extremely dangerous. Stay away, keep others away, and immediately call 911 and Glades Electric Cooperative at 863-946-6200.

  • Keep everyone, including pets, out of the area. You cannot look at a downed line to determine if it’s “live.”
  • Do not touch a person if a power line is touching them. Immediately call 911. If a power line falls across your vehicle, stay in the car and wait for emergency personnel to cut the power.
  • If your vehicle is on fire and you are in imminent danger and you must get out of the vehicle, jump with both feet together as far from the car as possible. If a part of your body touches the car and the ground at the same time, you could be electrocuted.