Fee Schedule

Connect Fee (new or inactive meter)  $75.00
Same Day Connect Fee $125.00
Transfer Fee (active meter)  $35.00
Reconnect Non-Pay Fee (within 10 business days)  $35.00
Returned Payment Fee, or 5%, whichever is greater  $30.00
Collection Services 35%
Member Trouble Regular Hours  $50.00
Member Trouble Overtime Hours  $75.00
No Access Fee (Bad Dog/Locked Out/Etc.)  
          First Visit  $ 50.00
          Second Visit  $75.00
          Third and each succeeding time  $100.00
Meter Tampering Fee  $200.00 (Minimum, plus actual cost of investigation and/or repairs)
Cut Seal Fee  $50.00
Meter Test Fee  $75.00
Net-Meter Engineering & Interconnection Fee  $150.00
Security Deposit (Credit Based)  
          Standard Deposit  $125.00 – $200.00
          2 X 12 month average  TBD
          PowerPay!  $25.00
          Additional deposit required after tampering $200.00
Temporary Service Fee (non-refundable)  $150.00
Refundable General Service Construction Retainer  $2,500.00
Hourly Equipment Rates  OPEN
Late Payment Penalty  5% of Unpaid Balance
Facilities Use Charge  1.5% of Total Plant Cost (as described in Policy 410)
Outdoor Light Installation Fee on Existing Pole  $50.00
Pole Installation Fee for Outdoor Light  $800.00
Transformer Installation Fee for Outdoor Light  $1,300.00
Transformer and Pole Installation Fee for Outdoor Light  $1,800.00
Outdoor Light Relocation Fee  $100.00
Outdoor Light & Pole Relocation Fee  $250.00
Upgrade Outdoor Light  $100.00
Change Existing High Pressure Sodium to LED  $100.00


Rates used are subject to change and are based on current costs.

Engineering fees, when additional and/or unnecessary trips are made by the Staking Engineer:
First Visit  No Charge
Second Visit  $50.00
Third Visit  $75.00
Fourth Visit  $100.00
Fifth and each succeeding visit  $125.00