Special Needs Registry

Do you or a member of your household require additional medical assistance?

To be designated as a medically essential service member, download the program certification form or visit your local office.

Medically essential refers to medical dependence on electric powered equipment. This equipment must be operated continuously or as circumstances require, as specified by a physician, to avoid loss of life or immediate hospitalization.

Certification Process:

  • Obtain a physician’s certification form from GEC’s website or your local GEC office.
  • Certification requires the member to complete forms provided by GEC and submit a form, completed by a physician licensed to practice in the State of Florida, stating in medical and non-medical terms why the electric service is medically essential.
  • The need for medically essential service must be re-certified every 12 months. Via regular mail, GEC will provide a package of re-certification forms at least 30 days prior to expiration. Within 30 days after the expiration of the existing certification, all materials must be completed and returned to GEC. If not, the certification of medically essential service may be terminated.

Medically Essential Service:

  • Certification does not guarantee uninterrupted service.
  • Certified members are responsible for backup equipment or power supply and a planned course of action in the event of a power outage.
  • GEC will restore service as soon as possible, but cannot assure any preferential treatment in this process.
  • In the event of a planned outage, GEC will attempt to provide written or verbal notification of the service interruption.
  • Members with certification for medically essential service are not exempt from paying their electric bill, as established by other policies and procedures.

Sign up for the Florida Special Needs Registry

State and local emergency management agencies developed the Special Needs Registry to ensure residents with special needs receive assistance during disasters, including designated shelters that can accommodate their health and medical needs.

When you register, you are helping emergency managers plan for your safety in the future. These shelters aim to provide a safe environment and basic assistance to maintain your level of health.

You will also receive important information from local emergency management officials about evacuation and shelter options available to you.

To register, go to snr.flhealthresponse.com

For additional information, contact your local emergency management office.