Outage Repair FAQ

Major storms resulting in power outages often lead to many questions from members about outage repair and the power restoration process. Our GEC Hurricane Preparedness Guide has the answers to many questions, but a few of the most commonly asked questions are below.

When will my power come back on?

When damage is extensive, like after a major storm, it takes time to safely and accurately identify damaged areas. Often, as our crews are out assessing and repairing damaged lines, they discover more issues. There is no way to know exactly how long this process will take, but please know that we are working diligently to restore your power as quickly and safely as possible.

What if I have a power line down in my yard?

Do not touch power lines. Please call us at 863-946-6200 with the exact location of the downed line. We will get a crew to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, please do not risk your life by moving power lines or anything that may be entangled in lines.

Why don’t I see any trucks in my area?

Power restoration begins at our substations, where we receive power from the statewide grid. This power is systematically carried outward to the end of our power lines. In order to restore your power, crews may need to address other sections of line first. Crews are working, even if you don’t see them in your area yet.

What if I have medical equipment that requires power?

It takes time to restore power after extensive damage, and there is no way to predict an exact timeline. If you are dependent on electric-powered medical equipment and don’t have a generator, consider relocating until power is restored.

Why does my neighbor have electricity and I don’t?

It is frustrating to sit in the dark while lights shine at your neighbor’s house. However, the electric system is complex, and there are a number of reasons this may occur. For example, your homes may be on different circuits, the transformer that serves your property may have internal damage, or the service wire to your home may be damaged. Our crews will continue working until everyone has power.

What’s the best way to get updates after the storm?

After a storm, you will find the most up-to-date information on our Facebook page. (No Facebook account is required to view our page.)

Please be sure to update your contact information with us before a storm in case we need to contact you.