Outdoor Lights

Whether you need to showcase your place of business after dark, or just want the peace of mind that comes from having a little more light in your yard, GEC offers a solution.

Glades Electric Cooperative has outdoor lights at affordable monthly rates. Getting started is easy! Read more below, or call us today at 863-946-6200.


Light Installation $50.00
Pole Installation $800.00
Transformer Installation $1,300.00
Transformer and Pole Installation $1,800.00
Light Relocation $100.00
Light and Pole Relocation $250.00
Upgrade Outdoor Light $100.00
Change Existing High Pressure Sodium to an LED $100.00

Lighting Options

*LEDs provide a cool, even light with excellent color rendition (important for security and promotional situations). The light is also easily directed which decreases light “intrusion” onto adjoining areas.

**Available in High Pressure Sodium (softer, yellowish light) or Metal Halide (intense, white light)

Did You Know?

·       You can request to have an existing yard light on your property connected or disconnected at any time.
·       Requesting to add a yard light to your property is as easy as signing an agreement.
·       You have the option to relocate your existing yard light (additional fees apply)
·       We do not know if your yard light is not working unless you contact us.
·       If your light is not working, you can call a Member Service Representative to enter a maintenance order at no additional charge to you.
·       GEC equipment should always be easily accessible to Glades Electric Cooperative equipment and personnel for construction and repair.
·       You should not hang items on poles with GEC Equipment.
·       You should not build onto poles with GEC Equipment.
·       GEC must have access to our equipment at all times, which includes power lines that run through gated portions of your property.
·       You can add your gate access codes to your account if your gate does not have a Glades Electric lock by calling 863-946-6200 and speaking with a Member Service Representative.
·       GEC locks are available at no charge to you. If you do not have a GEC lock interlocked with your lock, please contact us to avoid lock out fees.